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We put a great deal of effort into implementing technology that assists us to better serve our clients.
One of the best technological tools that we use is a state of the art officer accountability and tracking
software. This tool is used by our patrol division as well as at static assignments. Each client will be
provided with access to a unique client portal covering all of their facilities under contract with TVPS.

This tool allows both TVPS and the client to monitor and track the activities and location of the officer(s) responsible for each client’s facility in real time. This software also gives the client the ability to provide  information to the on duty officer and supervisor directly by simply logging in to the client portal, typing the information and sending it. With this software, the days of an officer claiming that they checked a particular facility or location when they may not have even been on that site are a thing of the past.

In this system, when an officer scans the ID tag for a particular client location, the system also
automatically logs the actual GPS location of the officer making the scan as well as the time.

This provides documentation that the officer was, in fact, where they were supposed to be. This tool allows the officer to take pictures to be added to reports. This is especially helpful when documenting property damage or establishing a photographic archive of people banned from client properties. Clients can access and print daily logs, incident reports and other forms from the client portal also.

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